LG G3 Sold 100 Thousand Units For 5 Days

LG G3 Sold 100 Thousand Units For 5 Days

SEOUL - LG G3 is reported to have sold over 100 thousand units for five days in South Korea. This figure is reportedly outselling the Samsung Galaxy S5 in his home country, South Korea.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Monday (09/06/2014), this is just the beginning, where the handset LG G3 can attract more buyers. Android 4.4 Smartphone KitKat is known to have skied the first time on May 28, 2014.

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LG G3 having a selling point with the advantage on the qHD display and a thin bezel on the front of the handset. Comes with a 5.5 inch screen, this smartphone has a 13MP rear camera.

To be able to compete in the market against LG G3, Samsung is reportedly planning to release a qHD display with a metal body and reinforced Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 805. Yet known when the Samsung handset will be released.

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LG G3 reinforced with Adreno 330 GPU and 3000 mAh battery. G2 is the successor to the LG smartphone features a Knock Code that allows users to unlock their devices with the beat pattern on the screen.


Reason Marzuki Alie Support Prabowo-Hatta

Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party Marzuki Alie said the decision to join the winning team is Prabowo - Hatta own initiative . The reason , he said , is to want to continue the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been built for 10 years .

" Pak Prabowo Kan had said that Pak SBY good program will be continued , the less will be corrected , " he said , when contacted Kompas.com , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) morning .

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Previously , Prabowo, who often criticized the government of SBY shows the opposite attitude . On many occasions , he often praised the government of SBY and want to continue the success that has been achieved . Regardless of the disadvantages that , according to Prabowo , SBY administration built a very large contribution in building this country .

In addition , Marzuki also feel a personal closeness with Hatta . Marzuki said he is very familiar with Hatta that knows about its capacity to take care of the state .

" We’re both people of South Sumatra , have both become Yudhoyono ‘s campaign team , my time was secretary . He it was also the Coordinating Minister for the Economy , " he said .


Both Maruli Tampubolon, Syahrini Feeling Romantic

After dropping courtship of King Mohammad Syazni aka Bubu from Malaysia , in 2012 , Syahrini ( 33 ) have not yet seen the trailer again . However , last Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) , Syahrini looks tenderly with Maruli Tampubolon , the son of a famous lawyer Juan Felix Tampubolon .

Both of them already look familiar . In fact , do not hesitate to touch hip Maruli Syahrini and kisses on the forehead while performing together . Unfortunately , romance was not part of Syahrini romance , but is included in a series of introductory track ” Love Alone ” , which they sang together .

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"If each Ui ( call Maruli ) , no need to get up chemistry , have been friends and known for years. Romantic song , we have to make love in this song , it should be romantic , " said Syahrini in an interview in Jakarta , Saturday ( 24/05/2012 ) .

The song ” Love Alone ” has actually been around since two years ago . Syahrini never sing it himself , but he feels there is less when first brought her own .

" This song is her mood for collaboration. Been bawain own , ( but ) less feel it . Due to the song ‘s feel spoiled , in love , and admire each other , " said Syahrini .

Since then , Syahrini looking for a ” mate ” to sing the song. Bak tit for tat , Maruli also claim to ” love” to Syahrini and track it .

" There’s always the same bid Syahrini duet . Jam he flew long . For I could a duet with someone like that is not easy . Anyway , be happy people , not just a thrill , " said Maruli .

With romantic song was launched , Maruli hoping his goal as a singer would run as smoothly as his career as a lawyer . He wants the public can enjoy the work of birth , rather than just enjoying the sensation of sheer .

" I want to work in my young age . Want to become a lawyer or a singer , because my hobby and love singing at home . Here is his platform and hope that people can enjoy , " please Maruli .


Ministry of Housing Ready to Continue Program of Surgery Home

Ministry of Housing (Kemenpera) ready to continue the program Stimulants Help Housing Organization (BSPs) or better known as the House Surgery Program to improve the quality of the homes of the poor and less able to make it more livable.

Deputy for Housing Organization revealed Jamil Ansari, a program implemented by Kemenpera BSPs are very useful and needed by the community.

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"In general, the program BSPs Kemenpera last year has been going well and received good support from the community and local government. Therefore, in 2014, we will continue the program BSPs," he said in a release Friday (05/23/2014 ).

He explains, BSPs program is one of the government’s attention to the problem of housing, particularly the poor and underprivileged. Moreover, most of the poor mostly live in the house less livable.

BSPs for the success of the program, he said, Kemenpera will continue to encourage the role of local governments to support active participation in the implementation of the program. He hopes to have the program in addition to local governments for public housing construction, the housing agency may also establish or designate a third echelon officials who have the task of dealing with the problem of housing in particular their respective regions.

"Thus, coordination of programs at central and local government can work together and run well," he hoped.

Jamil further added that one purpose of the program is to improve the quality BSPs house the poor and underprivileged independently. In this case, the government provided stimulus assistance and mutual aid society in carrying out the construction of homes that will be in surgery.

"Kemenpera BSPs program with a focus on complete system complete village by village and sub-district., But that needs to be emphasized in actual origin is not working so the house alone, but what about the quality of the home uninhabitable be comfortable to live in," he said.


Damages Village Coop rationed 5 People Per Day

Hundreds of residents of RW 13, Kampung Cages , Kelapa Gading Barat, Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , staged a demonstration at the office of the Mayor of North Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) , because it is not getting clarity about compensation .

Residents asked the mayor intends to help people to reduce PT Bumi Persada Boga pay home building as soon as possible . Therefore , the company had exceeded the time limit deal , even just going to pay five houses per day .

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" We have long life stranded in a makeshift house because we are no longer allowed to build . Now after passing of time , they are even willing to pay five houses per day , when to finish his business , " said Bawono , Chairman of RW 13 , Kelapa Gading Village West .

According Bawono , in RT 07 , there were 166 families (KK ) who will receive the payment . In RT 08 , there were 334 families and there are as many as 09 in the RT - 540 ‘s KK . When referring to the number , assuming five people per day , payment is made ​​to reach a seven -month period .

" So , we want to ask for a solution of the mayor , at least 30 to 50 per day lah . Been since 8 months ago residents living in the house went up in flames , but it should not be built again , " he said .

North Jakarta City Secretary Junaedi said that so far it has pressured the company to immediately pay residents . However , he admits there are limitations to PT Bumi Persada subjects because the company is private parties that are structurally not under the government .

" Citizens please make first statement that will leave after paid . Letter that later would I take it to the company that they want to increase the amount paid each day , hopefully there is a solution , " he said .


Golkar’s in dilemma

DPP spokesman Tantowi Golkar Party said his party is facing a dilemma situation . It was he related to catapult the 2014 Presidential Election twisted together two pairs of presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate non - Golkar .

Tantowi explained , the party has taken a stance join Gerindra shaft that carries Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa as a vice - presidential candidate . This decision was subsequently cause internal divisions because senior figures Golkar Golkar , Jusuf Kalla , vice president to be going the opposite camp , assisting Joko Widodo .

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" We are in a dilemma because we have to obey the party’s decision , but on the other hand we must appreciate the desire of the cadre , " Tantowi said when met at the Hotel JS Luwansa , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) night .

Tantowi deny the assumption that Golkar chose to play on two legs . Fixed position along the shaft Gerindra party . The support to Jokowi - Kalla is a political choice of each individual .

According Tantowi , Golkar current position ever happened in the 2004 elections and 2009 . Ten years ago , Golkar brought Wiranto - Salahuddin Wahid , but the support of an internal split into pairs Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla, who carried the Democratic Party . The last five years brought Golkar and Jusuf Kalla - Wiranto internal support re- split . According to Wiranto , a lot of noise from flowing into the internal Golkar SBY - Boediono that carried Democrats .

" So , instead of his party in two legs , but the individual , " said Tantowi .

Although Golkar Party Chairman Bakrie has determined coalition with Gerindra shaft , maneuver wave of recurring internal and openly declared his support for Jokowi - Kalla .


SBY response Jokowi Respond Comments about Democrats Vote Results

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono held a sudden press conference after meeting with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo at the Presidential Office , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) , at the State Palace yard . In the press conference , the President states already allow Jokowi to go forward as a presidential candidate .

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After describing the results of the meeting , a TV reporter asked Eagles SBY response Jokowi wonder about the attitude with the Democrat Party .

" What is the direction of question is that? " asked SBY looks surprised .

Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha replied that Jokowi was also asked about the Democrat Party’s rise .

" Then , why did it matter? I do not understand what the problem is , " said SBY .

Chairman of the Democrat Party Jokowi claimed to hear a statement that his party had questioned the increase in the recapitulation sound official by the Election Commission . Different result than a percentage of quick count survey agencies .

" If not mistaken , as I read , Mr. Jokowi assume quick count is only 7 percent Democrat , so that an increase of 3 percent , he wondered . Nah , I checked , that wrong me or Mr. Jokowi ? " SBY said .

He said a quick count result is no margin of error of + / - 1 percent . Based on a quick count , the President said the Democrats were in the range of 9 percent . Meanwhile , based on the Commission ‘s official results , Democrats got 10 percent of the vote . With a margin of error , according to Yudhoyono , the increase in the Democrat Party are still in a reasonable level .

" As a leader , I always correct with numbers and data . During this time , I have no problem with Mr. Jokowi . Instead I was wrong , I asked the staff how the heck Democratic quick count yesterday , " said SBY .

Although suddenly asked by reporters , the President deftly reached into his pocket . Apparently , he had prepared a piece of paper containing the data on a quick count of various institutions . While reading the notes on a piece of paper in his hand , the President also explained the Democrat Party’s percentage , ranging from survey results Compass (Democratic Party 9.43 percent ) , the Indonesian Survey Institute ( 9.12 percent ) , Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting ( 10 per cent ) , LSN ( 10.65 percent ) , Network Survey ( 9.41 percent ) , and RRI ( 10.26 percent ) .

" So , actually not exceptional , there are even lower than the quick count . If you take only the zero point so . So , in my opinion , it is not to be wondered at . Perhaps Mr. Jokowi information received 7 percent of it is not accurate , which is exactly like this , "Yudhoyono said .

After explaining about the Democrat Party , Yudhoyono was closing news conference . He was reluctant to answer the other questions asked by reporters about his meeting with Hatta Rajasa plan and Prabowo this afternoon .

Jokowi not call 7 percent

As reported , the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo highlights of votes specified by the Election Commission on Friday ( 05/09/2014 ) at midnight . He wondered why the sound of his party tend to fall , while no other party is likely to increase .

" That’s what I do not know , how can like that, " said Jokowi in Swiss - Bell Hotel , Manado , North Sulawesi , on Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) morning .

In a quick count survey agencies after 9 April 2014 Legislative Elections , PDI-P is expected to win by a vote above 19 percent . In fact , the acquisition of 18.95 percent of the official vote .

As for the Democratic Party , which was originally expected to get the sound as much as 9-10 percent , getting as much as 10.19 percent of the official vote . Jokowi reluctant to guess why it could happen . According to him , it happened because of the dynamics on the ground .

" The dynamics in the field are to be seen , " he said .

Jokowi statement is different from the statement quoted SBY . Jokowi did not mention that the Democrat Party 7 percent , while Yudhoyono repeatedly criticized what he called the data Jokowi invalid .


Unesco to asses Gunung Kidul geopark area

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will carry out a feasibility study at Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta geopark area in June 2014 to Determine its status as a world geopark.

Chairman of Tourism Awareness Grop in Gunung Kidul, Mursidi said that Unesco would assess the natural beauty, culture and community empowerment at South Mountain area. He is optimistic that the area can be recognized as one of the international geoparks.

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It has several unique locations zones consisted of three items, namely ancient volcano’s zone (Mount Kidul), the middle mountain zone (caves) and southern zone (Mount Sewu).

"UNESCO’s conservation team is already here. One of members said that Gunung Kidul was very possible to be a world geopark," Mursidi said on Friday as reported by Dwi Murdaningsih.

South Mountain area was visited more than 15 thousand visitors every month. Began to increase of the number in last three years. Mutia Ramadhani


Marines request to the TNI Commander : Bulldozer Cooking Up Tool

Muster at the Marine Command Headquarters , Cilandak , South Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) used the soldiers to ask for completeness on TNI chief Gen. Moeldoko . Demand was also an assortment , including cooking equipment .

A total of 2,000 troops from various units complete with armaments Marines packed the main squares Mako Marine . Moeldoko took time to listen to the requests and complaints of the soldiers .

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5 Soldiers from various units ventured forward before Moeldoko . Includes , 2 Marine Force Commander Brigadier General Denny Marines . They requested additional parachutes , inflatable boats , and perlengklapan SAR for disaster .

" For our parachute will prepare 25 units , rubber boats for a company of 20 units , for the purposes of disaster bulldozer yes . Later we will prepare as soon as possible , " said Moeldoko .

In addition, the soldiers also asked about employment benefits , age limit for education , and the inauguration of the 10 Battalion of Batam . Moeldoko immediately answer all the questions .

" For benefits , the TNI commander had kept pushing new now 37 % . I ‘ve been pushed to the Commission so that I can reach 57 % . Been agreed , but depending on state finances . We pray alone , " said Moeldoko .

" For 10 Balatyon Batam , It’s ready to be unveiled . Time the president will be present at once Komodo exersice . There are changes in the schedule . Basically , it’s ready to operate just waiting for its inauguration, " said Moeldoko .


NasDem It Jokowi - Form Team JK ?

National Democratic Party and the PDI-P to form a special team of the presidential election campaign in Gondangdia , Tuesday, April 30, 2014 . Word got a team of 35 and 35 cadres cadres NasDem PDIP was set up to win the duet Joko Widodo as a presidential candidate and his running mate Jusuf Kalla as .

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Party General Secretary Patrice Rio Capella justify NasDem already formed a presidential campaign team format . Teams are arranged along Tjahjo Kumolo , PDIP Secretary General who sent it to the office party NasDem bull . However , the particulars news that the team has a special duty to win Jokowi - JK , Rio simply stated , ” I’ve heard it . “

NasDem , as a member of the coalition , proposes a number of names to accompany Jokowi . One is Jusuf Kalla, who became Vice President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono won the presidential election from 2004 to 2009 . The proposal also came from internal NasDem in regions such as South Sulawesi .

Internal information of a party made ​​mention NasDem Surya Paloh it was made proposing JK , Jusuf Kalla familiar greeting , as a companion Jokowi . They also form a winning team because the proposal was given the green light from the PDIP . ( read : Projo Urges Vice President Megawati Not Choose Parent )

Rio said the team was not only to formulate winning strategies , but to qualify for the presidential election legislation . Campaign team must be provided when registering coalition presidential and vice presidential candidates to the Election Commission. ” So , we prepare all the necessary things menyammbut presidential election , including the position of the team , ” he said .

According to Rio , the team is yet to be named . Format administrators also still be proposed . The team that will work effectively after the elections recapitulation of the Commission completed an internal meeting will be studied in the coalition as soon as possible . ” To be sure advisers later Mrs. Megawati and Mr. Surya , ” he said .