Absolute, Method “Online Learning” Students Make More Discipline!

In an online lecture method , not only demanded dedicated faculty , but also students . Students must have more discipline than usual , because things have been set by the system .

This statement was made Head of Program Binus MM Online Bussiness School , Tengku Mohd . Khairal Abd , in the Campus Binus University , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) . Tengku said , the discipline included in the gathering of specific tasks to be uploaded into the system , download teaching materials , as well as video conferencing are included in the to-face assessment ( Why Students Class ” Online ” More Superior than Conventional Class ? ) .

" The system itself already requires students to be more disciplined . Matter Work , video conferencing , all of the control system . Must do tasks so dated , so yes date . Otherwise submit , so be it . Consequently, when doing video conferencing , we determine from far - away days . umpteen days and hours , should stand by , so that students can find a good internet connection , " said Tengku .

Tengku , who also doubles as teaching staff Binus MM Online Bussiness School explained , Like the class a discussion forum provided through lecture system . Shaped like a blog . In this forum that the students then give their comments on topics of the course discussion initiated by the lecturer . Activeness of students to comment on the forum later became a private individual assessment .

" We judge them actively in class actively in forums . If they are not active , no value , no absent . Because they can browse the forum at any time . Inactive if they can not seem to miss it , " he explained .

In addition to the activity of commenting , Tengku continued , of course quality assessment include student comments . According to him , so far rarely found the comments ” ordinary ” of the students . However , previously notified in advance to the students , to submit a comment that should be done professionally , do not bring dirty words or rude .

"There are only ’ I agree with the comments of the pack -so ’ or ’ I agree baseball ’ . Been 6 weeks of baseball there . I saw him their comments no redundant . Means, he says one paragraph , the next paragraph he says again , it does not exist . give him points directly . Right on target , " said Tengku .

At the time of the comment, as far as Tengku , rare students who wrote with a lot of paragraphs . The students usually write about two or three paragraphs .

" So , students usually choose his words . He wrote most only four or five lines , " he said .

Not infrequently , Tengku further , eventually the students argue . That’s where the lecturer acting as a mediator or moderator . Furthermore , when you see less and less conducive atmosphere commentary , lecturers should have taken steps to close the forum .

www.shutterstock.com Not infrequently , Tengku Further , in the end the students argue . That’s where the lecturer acting as a mediator or moderator .
favorite topics

According to Tengku , some topics do not triggered faculty students rarely get a positive response . This is evident from the number of incoming comments . For example , the first college student to the spirit of giving with the theme of the introductory remarks and research methods .

He also predicted some courses favored by students who will provoke a lot of comment in the forum . For example , a course management strategies . This course review of management at the top level of the business .

" We’re talking about how to synchronize management , marketing , production , finance , and human resources . All combined in some form so that we encourage the desired strategy . Means that the next 5 years the company wants how , and what should be made by the company , its marketing must be how , production , and others , "said Tengku .

" Why would I tell a lot of commentary , case -based lectures for later . Would be many cases raised . Interestingly , everyone can give different opinions . , But , could not there a right and wrong , because each one has different assumptions , " Tengku added .

He claimed to have tried something similar in a conventional classroom . There Tengku get interesting answers . At that time , he took a sample issue of Krakatau Steel are being sold by foreigners but then rejected by the House .

In class discussion , the students are divided into two shafts . Approved the sale of the shaft , and another pick for Krakatau Steel preserved considered as state assets .

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" In a regular classroom course very exciting . Well, if that line , my guess would be more exciting , " he said .


Will Asia’s Largest Theme Park Now the fact Haunted

Some creepy place in the world was originally intended for children . One of these Wonderland playground is located on the outskirts of Beijing , China .

Wonderland is meant to be the largest amusement park in Asia . Initially , the construction of the Beijing Wonderland Amusement Park went well , but construction was halted in 1998 after the funds are withdrawn due to the amount of land compensation disputes between local governments and local farmers .

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Since then , Cinderella Castle and other buildings , including a unique little village , abandoned . Unless only a loom , Wonderland then taken over by farmers who grow corn in the fields around the building . Farmers feel take it easy to plant in the ground around the playground on the grounds the area is empty .

There will not be a story if the amusement park were abandoned . Creepy , also left behind tales of ghosts after the building was demolished Wonderland . On 20 April 2013 ago , the destruction of Wonderland Amusement Park Beijing started , and now most of the buildings had been destroyed . All that is now gone , and according to the International Business Times , a luxury supermarket planned to be built on the site .

Many buildings were destroyed sort of Beijing ‘s Wonderland Amusement Park . However , a British photographer , Catherine Hyland , is one that captures the horror of this haunted building at once exotic .

" I was interested , but did not seem to interfere there is something very comforting about the way the locals to adapt to their environment , " said the graduate of the Royal College of Art .

" There’s a lot of beauty to be found in the environment destroyed . Contradiction between things I find scary and fun at the same time , " he said , as quoted by CNN .


Construction Sector Threatened Weakening Dollar

JAKARTA - Program Master Plan for the Acceleration Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI) should be encouraged by a qualified infrastructure development. Therefore, the role of the construction sector is indispensable.

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"The existence of MP3EI program, the infrastructure should definitely be encouraged, then they will need the infrastructure sector," said the Head of Research Securities Trust Reza Priyambada the Okezone, Tuesday (04/15/2014).

However, according to Reza in its development, this sector has a constraint, ie the rupiah. This is due to the raw materials needed come from abroad.

"This Constraint exchange sector, because they buy a lot from the outside, foreign exchange loss was," he explained.

If the rupiah exchange rate is not stable, then this sector will also be depressed. Especially this year, a lot of negative sentiment, as well as the election. “This sector will be depressed, if the exchange rate is not stable, if not maintained can be disrupted,” said Reza


So Rhoma Factor Admits PKB Booster Sound

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) in the elections this year have increased approximately 9.2 percent of the vote .

This acquisition is considered a very sharp increase of the national vote in the 2009 elections only is around 5 percent .

DPP Chairman Centre National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Helmy Faisal Zaini said , the success of CLA in this election can not be separated from the hard work of people who exist in the structure of PKB . Either from the board or from the candidates .

" This success is thanks to the power of a strong structure , " said Hilmy , Saturday ( 12/4 ) at Warung Daun Cikini , Jakarta .

In addition , he acknowledged the presence of Roma Irama be one factor in the rise of collective voice . According to him , every rhythm to the presence of Roman outposts in Indonesia can draw people’s attention to 20 thousand people . Neither CLA nor his arrival for socialization personal affairs .

Furthermore , factors Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin also be the cause of rising sound PKB . Because, said Hilmy , Cak Imin working very hard to achieve a lot of noise . Finally, the return of sound Nahdiyyin to PKB .

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Hilmy said , the current CBA continued political communication with the other party . This , Hilmy said , to see the same vision and mission of the presidential candidates , among others , are committed to strengthening the Unitary State of Republika Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) .

In addition , CLA will also want candidates who can create food and energy sovereignty . Finally, PKB menginkan candidates that could reduce the gap .


Plane crashes in Papua for Less Power

Komite Transportasi Keselamatan Nasional ( KNKT ) Perwakilan Papua menduga jatuhnya pesawat di Doyo Baru, Kabupaten Jayapura , Papua , karena naik pesawat untuk kurang Tenaga . Hasil dari penyelidikan sementara , salah satunya disebabkan kerusakan mesin .

" Pesawat overload tak , tak kapasitas pesawat di dalam melebihi muatan . Terus , kondisi cuaca give saat take off runway keadaan baik dalam , " kata Ketua KNKT Perwakilan Papua Norbertus Tunyanan , Kamis , 10 April 2014. Menambahkan Day , pesawat jatuh itu yang relatif baru dengan jam jam terbang sekitar 1,754 .

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Pesawat Godiak dengan Nomor Lambung PK 100 Milik penerbangan SDF missionaris jatuh itu di ujung Advent Lapangan Milik missionaris Advent terbang di Doyo Baru, Jayapura Kabupaten pada pukul 09.45 WIT , Rabu , 9 April 2014 lalu . ( Baca : Tipe Pesawat Ini yang di Jatuh Jayapura )

Dari peristiwa ini dua Tewa korban , yakni Robert Bob (pilot) , 63 tahun , berkebangsaan satu orang Amerika Serikat give Darius penumpangnya Bernama . Sedangkan lima penumpang lainnya keadaan dalam luka , Rumah Sakit Umum dirawat di Daerah Yowari , Sentani , Jayapura Kabupaten .


“‘Rhoma Effect’ It’s More Powerful Than ‘Jokowi Effect’”

The vote of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) based on the results of a quick count while some agencies considered quite shocking . Political observers from the University of Paramadina Hendri Satrio rate, a relatively high CLA sound was caused by factors dangdut Rhoma Irama as one presidential candidate PKB . He added, Rhoma Jokowi effect is stronger than the effect .

" Phenomenal CLA in 2014 was one of the factors that hinder the ’ Jokowi effect’ . Rhoma Irama very large effect . ’ Rhoma effect’ is stronger than ’ Jokowi effect’ , " Hendri said when contacted Kompas.com , Thursday ( 10/4 / 2014 ) .

Rhoma addition , CLA also carrying two other presidential candidate , the former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD and former Vice President Jusuf Kalla . Hendri rate, the influence of these two figures are also quite large , but not as big as Rhoma .

" They do a tremendous political communication . Convention of the people who raised the CLA is quite successful , " he said .

Although the effect is quite large Rhoma , Hendri judge , CLA will not take the risk to make Rhoma as president or vice president . Behind its popularity is very high, he assesses the capacity of Rhoma still doubtful .

" The possibility Mahfud ( selected for advanced ) . PKB But if it gets in government , Rhoma possibility will be given the position of the minister or the head of a particular institution , " he said .

In addition to the three factors will be the presidential candidate , Hendri also saw several other factors that make the sound of PKB soaring . For example , ” use ” musician Ahmad Dhani to gain votes . In addition , CLA also rarely shaken by rumors in the media .

" So far, the media focused on the four major party PDI - P , Golkar , Gerindra , and the Democrats , " said Hendri .

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Compass on a quick count based on data collected by 93 per cent , CBA gained 9.13 percent . In the 2009 elections , the CLA gained 4.9 percent. However , the official results will be announced later on the National Election Commission .


The signal transmitter MH370 Survived 10 Days After

Search process from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to be accelerated . This is caused by the battery of the transmitter signal black box will only be up to 10 days.

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Depletion of time to make the search parties have to work hard . But the location of the search itself has been moved up to 1,100 kilometers near the region of Australia .

" Ships and aircraft search has now moved to a new location search . , But there are fears that the battery is attached in the Boeing 777 - 200ER , will not last until the first week in April , " said a search party , as quoted by The Malaysian Insider on Friday ( 03/28/2014 ) .

" This will certainly complicate the search process , " the statement continued .

As is known , the search zone MH370 has shifted 1,100 kilometers ( km ) to the Northeast region of the previous search . To search today , the weather is predicted quite friendly .

Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( AMSA ) said five ships belonging to China and an Australian warship still continue to search in the area of ​​approximately 1,850 kilometers from Perth , Australia . Ten aircraft from six nations are also involved in the search , which was previously postponed due to bad cuara .

The plane belongs to Air Force New Zealand claiming to be the umpteenth find objects suspected to be associated with Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 . But it is not known whether the object is a part of the plane . (see also: aplikasi android terbaru)

Although there are approximately six satellites that detect objects suspected as debris MH370 , still there is no physical evidence was found . Malaysia also said he would continue to search until the black boxes are found .

source:http://www. okezone .com/

"Kukang" fokus pertemuan perdagangan satwa liar

lebih dari 50 delegasi dari instansi pemerintah , akademisi , organisasi non - pemerintah dan pusat-pusat penyelamatan bertemu awal bulan ini di Sukabumi untuk mengambil segar melihat tantangan dalam menangani perdagangan satwa liar di Asia Tenggara .

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Pertemuan di pusat penyelamatan satwa liar Cikananga di Jawa difokuskan pada perdagangan ilegal spesies nokturnal Indonesia yang kurang dikenal , di kukang tertentu.

Kukang telah ditemukan di seluruh Asia , mulai dari India dan China selatan ke Indonesia dan Filipina . Indonesia adalah rumah bagi enam dari delapan spesies , termasuk baru-baru ini dijelaskan Kayan Kukang .

Meskipun dilindungi di 13 kisaran Serikat dan dilarang dari perdagangan internasional komersial melalui CITES ( Konvensi Perdagangan Internasional Spesies Terancam Punah Fauna dan Flora Liar ) , kukang terancam oleh kerusakan habitat dan semakin oleh hewan peliharaan ilegal trade- dirangsang sebagian oleh mereka penampilan biasa dalam video online.

Peserta belajar tentang skala perdagangan satwa liar di Indonesia , memicu diskusi-diskusi tentang tantangan yang dihadapi oleh pemerintah Indonesia ketika dihadapkan dengan perdagangan skala besar dalam spesies yang dilindungi . Peserta melihat banyak binatang yang disita di pusat penyelamatan dan kemudian melakukan survei pasar hewan di Jakarta , menemukan tidak kurang dari 31 ekor kukang ilegal ditawarkan untuk dijual .

Dr Chris R. Shepherd , Deputi Direktur Regional dari TRAFIC di Asia Tenggara mengatakan : ” Indonesia adalah rumah bagi jumlah terbesar dari spesies mamalia terancam di dunia, banyak dari mereka beresiko karena perdagangan ilegal dan / atau tidak berkelanjutan . “

" Sangat penting bahwa hukum yang melindungi satwa liar di Indonesia yang dimasukkan ke dalam tindakan , dan kegiatan pedagang ilegal di pasar Jakarta dan sekitarnya ditutup . Perebutan hewan tanpa mengadili para pedagang menyinggung tidak berfungsi sebagai pencegah - itu hanya menghasilkan pusat-pusat penyelamatan menjadi terlalu dibebani , sedangkan pedagang mencari tempat lain untuk mengisi saham mereka . "

Para peserta lokakarya sepakat tentang perlunya untuk kukang konservasi strategi tindakan lambat untuk Asia Tenggara , menggabungkan upaya penegakan ditingkatkan dengan meningkatkan kesadaran para pembeli untuk mengurangi permintaan untuk menjaga hewan liar sebagai hewan peliharaan .

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Menurut Anna Nekaris , Profesor dalam konservasi primata di Oxford Brookes University : ” Itu inspirasi untuk melihat peserta dari berbagai negara dan latar belakang bersatu dalam keinginan mereka untuk mengatasi perdagangan ilegal lorises - lambat kelompok spesies yang sampai saat ini dianggap agak signifikan dalam dunia konservasi . “

source:http://www. traffic .org/

Many still Hotspot in Sumatra

Communities in Sumatra are reminded to be aware of the potential for forest fires because there are many number of ” hot spots ” or point of fire by monitoring via satellite NOAA . (see also: pakan burung)

Head of Data and Information Service Region I Field Hendra BMKG Suwarta in Medan , Tuesday ( 11/3 ) says , in monitoring Monday ( 10/3 ) at 16:00 pm , recorded the presence of 288 hotspots in North Sumatra .

Of these , 210 hotspots that can develop into a forest fire was observed in Northern Sumatra , while 78 other hotspots observed in Southern Sumatra .

In Northern Sumatra , hotspots are located in Aceh Province ( 39 points ) , Riau ( 145 points ) , Riau ( four titk ) , and the North Sumatera ( 22 points ) .

Special to North Sumatra , the hotspots observed in North Tapanuli ( one point ) , South Tapanuli ( eight points ) , Mandailing Natal ( two points ) , Labuan Northern Rock ( one point ) , Labuan South Stone ( one point ) , shavings ( one point ) , Karo ( one point ) , Padang Lawas ( one point ) , Toba Samosir ( two points ) , Langkat ( two points ) , Humbang Hasundutan ( one point ) , and the City of Binjai ( one point ) .

In addition due to the local heating , the number of hotspots such as Sumatra Island in general is experiencing a drought .

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With these conditions , people are reminded to take no action that could cause forest fires such as open burning or throwing objects into the outskirts of the forest fires that can ignite . ” Forest fires can cause smoke in large quantities in the region of Sumatra , ” he said .

Source:http://www. republika .co.id/